Our Origins

We began filming ads/documentaries on 35mm film then we started working on events and more or less at the same time all projects that revolved around the internet. With the arrival of digital technology we evolved in order to offer our clients all the latest services.

Over the years we have produced as both production director and producer many projects including:

Aeternum; Banca Intesa; Barilla; Battistero; Bistefani; Camay; Ciappi; Condorelli ; Coral; Costa d'Oro; Crodino; Crusken; Eliana Monti; Fabbri Editori; Ferrero; Fina; Fontefrutta; Fuji; Gabetti; Galbani; Glen Grant; Grana Padano; Infasil; La Gazzetta dello Sport; Mattel; Moschino; Nelsen Piatti; Parmalat; Santa Rosa; Sammontana; San Paolo; Sao Cafè; Simmenthal; Sole Bianco; Sole Piatti; Swatch; Vecchia Romagna; Wind.

Bayer- Institutional
Fiat Group – Worldwide presentation of various cars, filming in the factory, wind tunnel, track and various locations both nationally and internationally.
IBM – Film of product
NHK Television – a series of documentaries filmed in HDVS, for Japanese TV, set in churches and museums in Milan, Rome, Florence and Venice both internally and externally.
NHK Television – a series of documentaries, filmed in HDVS, about Italian craftsmanship.


In the past some of the biggest names on the market have entrusted us to maintain their personal image when producing special events.

CITROEN (1989)
The presentation of the new XM vehicle led by the head office in France. Numerous events programmed all over Italy, from Baveno to Taormina, the setting up and dismantling of the set and equipment at every location, Shipping the set and equipment to each location, organizing transport either by car or helicopter depending on the time available for the troupes;

Filming and interviewing VIP and important figures in the automobile sector, carried out at various stands throughout the duration of the fair.

SNAM 19th Gas World Conference (1994)
In 30 days an amphitheatre large enough to hold 5,000 people was created inside the Milan Trade Fair Centre. A vidiwall, measuring 9 by 18 meters (the largest ever mounted indoors in Europe) was set up on the stage, during the event air cushions allowed it to open in the centre, in order for it to become a stage set for the show.

WIND (1999) SMAU (Milan Trade Fair)
The co-ordination and organization from both a technical and logistical viewpoint to create a stand "service station" measuring 1,800 m2 where orange juice was distributed by 120 hostesses. A huge fruit squeezer measuring around 4 meters in diameter hung above the area. The stand was divided into various areas aimed at the clientele, office areas and a bar on the top floor.

WIND Istanbul (2000)
The co-ordination and organization from both a technical and logistical viewpoint, of an event, the creation of 10 stands for the sponsors (Nokia, Ericson, Siemens, etc....), the planning of a gala dinner inside the Gran Bazar with set tables 1,600 meters in length and the organization of the final show staring Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo.

The presentation of the most important yachts, which at the time were not yet available, following the plans and designs supplied by the client an inflated boat of life size measurements (35m) was created and set sail. The illuminated yacht had the desired surprise effect on the public.

A.C. MILAN (2004) At Gilli Cube, Christmas party

In addition