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  • Events Organisation

    Gala Dinners
  • Renting Locations

    Photographic Shoots and Videos
  • Company Meetings

  • Company Events

    Renting out tables and scenographic accessories
  • Video Filming

    Troups specialised in filming any situations
  • Equipment Video

    Projection and Lighting
  • Websites and Social Networks

    We will create you window for the web

Organisation of Events

Trend Communication pays special attention to the slightest details...

Production Office

Trend Communication offers production office...

Audio Video and Light Service

Trend Communication offers a highly professional audio video and...

The Internet and Web Sites

Internet is available 24/7 and for a company it is an important...

Renting Technical/Scenographic materials

Trend Communication offers and supplies:Sound systems for DJs;...


Whoever chooses to work with Trend Communication does so because they know they will receive a service, which is unique, creative and extremely professional. Due to the fact that we specialise in a variety of fields our clients are guaranteed a sure success. PMI, multi-nationals and many other well know companies have chosen to work with us because our perseverance allows them to reach their goals.